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recording studio workstation desk
Musiea IM100 Series Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation w/ 2 x 4U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea EX100 Series Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation w/3 x 4U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea EX200 Series Pro Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation w/ 3 x 4U Rack and 2 x 9U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea EX88 Series 88 Keys Pro Music Studio Desk Workstation with Rack Cabinet - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea BE100 Series Sit-Stand Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation
Musiea IM200 Series Tempered Glass Music Recording Studio Desk w/2 x 4U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations

Are you a pianist searching for a desk with a piano keyboard tray to elevate your music journey? If yes, go no further than Musiea. We have an extensive range of piano keyboard tray desks in our collection made of highly durable material MDF. Invest in our durable tables and create the music that hits the soul. 

Desks With Piano Drawer For Musicians

At Musiea, we have an ample collection of piano drawer desks so that you can choose according to your preference. Whether you are an experienced musician or a newbie learning piano, you can find your best music studio desk in our collection we also have studio keyboard tray desks with piano drawer (check our IM100 Series). Moreover, we can customize the dimensions of the mounting rail, upper plate, and rear plate according to your nature of work and the size of your gadgets.

What Sets Us Apart

We have been a big name when it comes to providing useful and comfortable workstations for musicians. Our happy and satisfied customers still look forward to us whenever they need music control desks. If you are wondering what makes us the most favorite, have a look at our unmatched features.

  • The music studio desks with piano trays we create are made of tough and sturdy MDF and finished with premium Wood veneer, providing a sleek and elegant appearance that will elevate not only your studio's look but also last you for years without wear and tear.
  • Creating music may take long hours; that's why we have adjustable standing desks with a piano tray so that you can adjust the height according to your preference and create the music while standing and sitting.
  • The prices we offer are highly reasonable as we want to promote the musicians and provide ease to them without burning a hole in their pockets.  
  • We offer customization for customers who don't want to stick to the pre-designed ones. You can communicate your requirements with our staff, and we will make sure to create a studio desk with a piano tray according to your needs. 
  • If you are facing difficulty in adjusting the sound quality and clarity, order the desks with swivel mounts. It will help you adjust the direction of your speakers and make your sound quality optimal and clearer.

Browse the extensive range of desks in our collection today, place the order, and receive the product at your place in just a few days.