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recording studio workstation desk
Musiea IM100 Series Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation w/ 2 x 4U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea EX100 Series Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation w/3 x 4U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea EX200 Series Pro Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation w/ 3 x 4U Rack and 2 x 9U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea EX88 Series 88 Keys Pro Music Studio Desk Workstation with Rack Cabinet - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations
Musiea BE100 Series Sit-Stand Music Recording Studio Desk Workstation
Musiea IM200 Series Tempered Glass Music Recording Studio Desk w/2 x 4U Rack - Musiea Studio Desks & Workstations

If you want to get your hands on an exceptional music studio desk with a keyboard tray, there is no better option than Musiea. Browse our wide collection (standing desks ,desks with piano tray and many more) and order what suits you the best. Our extensive range features multiple options to cater to a wider audience. Whether you want a starter-level workstation studio desk with basic features or need to go with the professional one featuring a multiple-layer design and swivel mounts, Musiea has got something for you!

Get Your Hands On Studio Desk With 61 Keyboard Tray

At Musiea, we believe in providing ease to music creators so that they can unleash their potential without any discomfort. Our desk with an 61 key keyboard tray is specially designed to fit your keyboard effortlessly. A wide keyboard tray with a cutout design will provide you with sufficient legroom to work for long hours without getting tired. We understand the necessity of comfortably accommodating your preferred instrument to create a harmonious musical composition.

Features Of Our Music Studio Desks With A Keyboard Tray 

We have been in the business of creating music workstations for several years and have a successful record of multiple satisfied customers for all good reasons. Let’s have a look at how our recording studio desk with keyboard tray is different from others.

  • The desks with 61 keyboard trays designed at Musiea are built to perfection with multiple useful features. The keyboard tray can be easily adjusted to different heights to fit your requirement.
  • We understand that creating music may take a long time; that’s why we have a sit-stand keyboard studio desk featured in our collection so that you can adjust the height with it sit and stand desks feature according to your comfort zone.
  • The prices offered at Musiea are extremely affordable. You won’t find a music desk with a keyboard tray of such promising quality matching our rates. 
  • You don’t have to stick to the pre-designed desks if you don’t feel comfortable. We offer tailor-made desks service for the ones who want a customized table. Our friendly and efficient staff will cater to all your requirements and create the desk just as you want. For example, if you want to work with a partner, we will customize your desk with 2 x headphones hangers so that you and your teammate both work seamlessly.

You can browse the music studio desks collection on our website and place the order for your favorite music production desk with a keyboard tray. We will make sure to deliver the product to your doorstep as soon as possible.